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Choose to partner with TM Group and NICE Actimize to fight and catch fraud in all shapes and sizes. In NICE Actimize and TM Group you get solid expertise and deep experience combined with modern and new technology alongside AI. We know all there is to know about fraud management.

The ecosystem of NICE Actimize’s fraud management and prevention, and cybercrime management solution is fast, agile, dynamic, proven, compliant and award-winning. Get all this today!

Fraud Management is a part of a larger compliance portfolio, we offer.

Four overall fraud-types to monitor and manage

First-party fraud

First-party fraud is when an induvidual, or a group of individuals, themselves purposely giving you false information in order for them to scam you into personal gains. E.g. higher loan, lower rent, no intention of repayment, etc.

Our Fraud Management solution is smarter, faster and more alert than any person/employee ever would be. It detects fraudulent behavior by cross-checking numerous touchpoints, behavior patterns, application systems, and much more.

Second-party fraud

Second-party fraud is when a person intentionally and knowingly hands over his/her personal information to a second-party individual in order for that second-party individual to commit a fraudulent crime on his/her own behalf or on behalf of the initial person – both using his/her personal information.

Again, our Fraud Management solution is able to catch up with this behavior, and detect any warning of  second-party fraud.

Third-party fraud

Third-party fraud is when a person, or a group of people, takes up a false identity by using someone else’s identity, without the victim knowing, that his/her identity is being used to commit the crime.

One variation of third-party fraud that differs from the rest is Authorized Push Payment (APP) Fraud. In this case the “victim” of the crime has authorized and approved the payment him-/herself, opposed to the other variations of third-party fraud, and are therefore by many laws liable for it.

This is a tricky fraudulent behavior for any individual to detect, because there are so many applications, systems, touchpoints behavioral patterns, etc. to investigate. This can be extremely time consuming and inaccurate for any human to do. Therefore, we offer a Fraud Management solution to detect this fraudulent behavior, and leave it to the human employees to make the final decision based in the intel the Fraud Management solution finds

Internal fraud

We know internal fraud is a sensitive subject, but it has the potential to be the biggest fraudulent threat of them all. Your employees are already on the inside of your business, and they have the possibility to do the biggest damage to your business the fastest.

You of cause trust your employees, but not to keep an eye on internal fraud threats is too high a risk for any company to take. 

Therefore, it is absolutely vital for you to have a bullet-proof fraud management system in place to detact internal fraudulent behavior, before it hurts your business. 

included in fraud management

All at once, you can monitor and prevent fraudulent behavior, increase operational efficiency, keep costs down, be one step ahead of threats and risks and on top of regulations and laws. All this with NICE Actimize via TM Group as system integrators and first plus second line support.

Authentication Management

Authenticate all customers in a simple and proven way.​

Digital Banking Fraud​

The fast-paced digital banking-world needs controlling. ​

Payment Fraud​

Detect all types of payment fraud.​

Advanced Fraud Analytics​

Expert-driven AI and machine learning analytics platform. ​

Card And Emerging Payment Fraud​

Optimize for all card payment forms.​

Check Fraud​

Not many checks still exist, but those that do need to be surveilled.

Internal Threat​

Internal threats can often be the biggest. Monitor all activities.​


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