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Every piece of Comms and trade

Capture and record trade information, customer information, and every communication, both electronic (emails, chats, messaging) and voice, across the full lifecycle.

You can capture both front office trader as well as back office communications; contact center interactions, those in the retail industry, on mobile devices, internal chat, and professional chat, such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters; as well as social media, and more.

This enables you to easily provide any and every type of evidence requested by either customers or required by the FCA, SSA, or other regulators.

Furthermore, the TM Group’s compliance solution enables record keeping of both trade communications (unstructured) data, and trade (structured) data, all on the same platform.

And, you can implement our solution either on-prem or in a secure and reliable private cloud configuration.

Record Keeping is a part of the vast compliance portfolio we offer, and closely relates to Interaction Recording and Compliance Archiving.

Record Keeping features

Every type: Electronic and voice, and online and offline

Full lifecycle: Pre-through post-trade

Every office: Front or back office

Every touchpoint: Contact center, retail, mobile devices, internal chat, professional chat, social media

Every implementation: On premise, private cloud

Every type of evidence: For customers, FCA, SSA, other regulators

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