The interactive robotic assistant

RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation)

RDA: An interactive robot to assist you

RDA improves customer and Agent experience

Do your customer service agents get a lot of inbound calls? Approximately half of all those calls could be avoided by implementing a RDA solution into your business. Robotic Desktop Automation run the automated tasks locally on the desktop of the agent and only via agent interactions. 

RDA frees up time for your customer service agents to handle the tough decision-requiring calls more thoroughly and it enhances the customer as well as the agent experience remarkably.

We have partnered up with the best in the industry and can therefore offer you the choice between “brilliant”, “magnificent”, and “awesome”.

Our partners are Jacada, NICE, and UiPath.

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What does RDA mean?

RDA (Robotics Desktop Automation) is a piece of technology implemented and integrated into a business’ systems. It acts as an assistant to the human contact or call center agent. Always active and ready to help with any routine tasks, which the RDA can perform much faster and with more precision than any human agent possibly can. The RDA always acts upon interactions with the agent first – unlike RPA which acts based on rules and guides, therefore with no human interaction.

Video about RDA

RDA explained by one of our RDA-partners, Jacada

Robotics Desktop Automation benefits

Agents get live, effective and efficient assistance​

Virtual assistant for all agents

With RDA your agents can get their very own virtual addistant, which help the agents completing tasks much faster and precise.

Customer Satisfaction goes through the roof​

Improve CSI

Your Customer Satisfaction Index is perhaps your most sacred, and with RDA you can improve the CSI - and so much more.

Frees Up Time For More Demanding Tasks​​

Time saving

The AHT is cut down, and while the robot is performing a task for the agent, the agent can focus on creating a perfect Customer Experience.

Productivity of your contact or call center rises​

Productivity and efficiency

Those are the keywords in this. Your agents will be able to be as efficient and productive as possible, while at the same time providing a perfect CX.

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The robot takes care of routine tasks in the background of your business. Works on pre-set rules and structures. You know they are there, but you’ll never see them.

Robotic Desktop Automation

The robot works in combination and interaction with a human, and only performs tasks after acceptance.

Customer self-service

Give your customers a chance to self-service via a chatbot, IVR etc. Studies show 91 % customers would prefer to self-service, if given the chance. A RPA-integrated self-service solution communicates with your brand around your agent, deflecting 25 – 50% of inbound interactions.

Unlock the full power of automation

By integrating only RDA, you get a powerful and valuable automated assistant for your customer service agents, but why stop there?

Why not unlock the full power of automation with the complete scope of Business Process Automation, which includes RDA as well as customer self-service and RPA.

In process of developing and integrating RDA in your business, we can with minimal effort from both your and our end, connect every automation tool, and create a win-win-win situation for your business and your customers.