Our Purpose & Values

Our purpose

Our purpose is simple, we want to make sure our clients experience the value of technology.

We are committed to advancing everyday life by providing our customers the knowledge and tools to improve their businesses and the world around us.

We want to bring long-term growth and opportunities for our customers, employees, communities, and the countries we operate.

That is what brings us together and why we believe in what we do.

Our values

Customer Centric

Our customers are at the center of everything we do as a business. Everything we do must reflect the respect and passion we have for our customers.


Trust is one of the pillars in every solid and healthy relationship. For everyone in and around TM Group to feel valued trust must always be intact.​

Innovation & Entrepreneurialism

Our eagerness and pursuit of innovation within IT and technology are what makes us a leader and not a follower. We always encourage new ideas and we are quick adapting to change.

Our values goes hand to hand with our purpose, and are guided by our code of conduct. They are the heart of our culture, and it defines what is it like to work at TM Group or do business with us.


We simplify the way we do business. Technology and IT can often be complex and overwhelming, and we see it as our responsibility to make it simpler, so everyone can better understand, process, and execute it.​

Focus on Value

Every step we take with our customers needs to add value to a final goal.

Teamwork & Celebration

No employee is ever alone with anything. We pull the load as a team and via solid teamwork. And we celebrate all our wins as a team. We love to win, create happy memories together, and celebrate all the wins life throws at us – no matter the size.​