State-of-the-art Control Room For Renova Miljö (Waste management).

Renova Miljö new control room

Renova Miljö is the leading waste management company in western Sweden and it provides complete waste management solutions for business and cities.

Tm Group and Weytec helped Renova modernize its control room with a stat-of-the-art KVM solution in a rather complex situation. Renova needed to run two supervisory and data acquisition systems at the same time (New SCADA and legacy SCADA), but it was easily handled by the Weytec Distibution Plataform (WDP), which could run both systems in parallel.

The WDP is a very flexible system. Therefore, Renova chose to invest on it, which allows the company to grow its control room capability when necessary.

To read more about the Renova project you can download the case study or get in touch with us. We will be very happy to talk about this and many other projects. 

Download Renova case study here.

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Mikael Bergqvist
Control Room Consultant
Modern hardware for Control room / operation centers